Videos 6

Smoke Sesh with Angel

Angel invites you over for a smoke sesh. But, you gotta pay if you're gonna smoke Angel's herb. Angel knows exactly what she wants from you, entertainment. Roll a fat one and listen closely, it's time for you to put on a show!

Jiggly Pop Race

Angel and Sami have a race to pop balloons, the catch being they have to pop them with their bare booties. It's a race to the finish to get the most popped before the other. The loser gets to receive a reward/punishment at the end. Who wins? Who loses? Who gets spanked in the end? Well, you'll just have to purchase the video to find that out

Bootylicious DeLuca's

Ass lovers beware, booty overload is the name of the game in this video! Angel and Sami show off their amazing asses by shaking them right in your face, stripping off their panties and rubbing lotion on them as you get a close up teasing of nothing but booty, booty and more booty. What is better than having two scrumptious booties right in your face

Sami Booty Quake

A short video of nothing but Sami's nice round booty. Sit back and enjoy as she teases you by shaking, bouncing, clapping, and showing off her amazing around ass right up close and personal. You won't be able to keep yourself from wanting to just reach up and grab a hold through your screen or even bury your face into that succulent ass of hers

Angel Booby Quake

This one is for all you titty lovers who enjoy Angel's huge soft boobies. She shakes and claps her enormous tits for you, knowing you're imagining shoving your face in her tits for an amazing motorboat.. or even better, getting yourself titty slapped! There is no end to what you can imagine doing when Angels gigantic tits come into the picture