Vote No on Prop 60

As we all know, Michael Weinstein has been attacking the Adult Porn Community heavily with the condom laws in California. One of his latest proposals is Prop 60. A big problem with Prop 6O is that it will not only hurt to the adult performers jobs, but allow a window in which they can be harassed and pin pointed by common citizens. This means if you don’t see a condom, 38 million Californians can find out legal names, addresses and such to use and exploit however they feel. This is not only dangerous to the performers, but their families as well due to the obsessions some fans may have. Adult performers have stage names for a reason, it would be irresponsible to give out personal information without assuming there won’t be consequences. Instead this creates invasion of privacy on all Adult performers throughout the state of California. It also hurts the state and its citizens, causing the courts to have additional cases completely unheard of prior to this, which of course will cost tax payers millions more in dollars. Who do you think will be paying his salary? Yes, that’s right, you, the tax payers.

This is an industry that has been successful for decades without the aid of the government’s harassing laws. Performers don’t go around spreading diseases, these are their careers. Performers don’t need to be told what to do in their jobs, we know very well nobody likes being told how to copulate, so why should the performers? We all know how to practice safe sex, and it is up to ourselves (and/or partners atm while filming) to make those decisions. Not the greedy Michael Weinstein who has no place to tell people how to have sex (i.e. do their own jobs on set.) This doesn’t just affect Pornstars, it affects cam girls and amateurs as well as everyone in the adult industry. Some people want to film and upload their sexual adventures with their partners, they too will be able to be sued if someone watches their video and notices no condom is being used. Even if you’re married, engaged or whatever the case may be, you will have to wear a condom during filming. What’s next, blowjobs will be illegal in CA too?

Michael Weinstein clearly has a prejudice towards the Porn industry and does not care about the many consequences of what this new law will create. A previous law he was also the founder of was AB1576, this shows he has no intentions of stopping his unnecessary actions towards the working adult porn entertainers.

Due to his actions, performers have decided to take this to challenge Michael Weinstein to a debate. With enough signatures on this petition, it will be delivered to Michael himself. Let’s see if he actually shows up to this one…



Below are just a few of the organizations that oppose Prop 60. To get more information, please visit For once all parties agree that this should be a “NO” vote. They are aware that this is no good, how often does that happen? In the end, Michael Weinstein will be the only one gaining any benefits from this law. He even gets a cut of the fees and the law suits when performers are brought to court. Again, who do you think will be paying him? This doesn’t just affect the Adult Industry, it affects all of California. Please be sure vote No on Prop 60 and keep your porn the way it is now! Don’t let this one person (Michael Weinstein) who started this up ruin it for you as well. After all, this isn’t about the condoms.

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